work, 2021

modeselektor presents a film by corey scott-gilbert, krsn brasko and tobias staab

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Arriving in April 2021, Extended is the fifth album from Modeselektor. The German duo are accompanying this release with a ‘visual album’ in film: 'Work’ stars American dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert who transposes the energy of Modeselektor’s music into a radical performance.

    Duration: 61 min

    "This visual album has it all. What initially seems like a spontaneous, gestural expressive dance turns out to be a meticulously planned choreography, an almost mechanical sequence of a never-ending spiral of striving and resisting, of struggle and surrender, turning away and returning. (...) "Work" is somber and almost seems like a dance martyrdom, a requiem for the belief in redemption."
    (Monopol Magazine)